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Giant boobs on Noisebridge homepage again

More giant naked boobs were posted on Noisebridge homepage.

Rack, would it be possible to block wiki edits by non-logged in users? This strategy worked when tested on specific wiki pages.

Just a suggestion.

They’re pretty excited by the fact it has quarters in it.

FYI, a couple of non-members (looking at the fact they didn’t have the door code) brought in a parking meter into NB. They’re pretty excited by the fact it has quarters in it.

Why I don’t go to Noisebridge

I don’t get to Noisebridge much anymore and this is why. At the basic level I feel safer out on Mission than I feel at Noisebridge. There are a couple of reasons, 1. out on the street I can usually see danger approaching and avoid it and 2. at Noisebridge it just isn’t safe.

I started showing up at NB because it felt like a good place to interact with other folks that understand, Scientific, Mathematical, and Technical things. Where we could help each other out with knowledge sharing. With a few notable exceptions if I try to talk “Tech” folks I am now usually met with blank stares.

I think that NB should be a place where if you leave your stuff to go to the restroom or down stairs for a snack it is there when you come back. If you forget something it is put in Lost & Found and remains there until you claim it. It should NOT be as it is where if I get up to give some new people a tour things are missing when I come back.

I would not want to live in a neighborhood where I could not keep my family from homeless drug addicts. There are people and programs for that developed for that purpose. NB was never intended to be a crash pad for junkies. The mere idea that the unexcellent existence of this type of non-hacker activity in a hacker-activity space is anathema to me. The fact that it has been allowed and encouraged is pretty crazy. The fact that using consensus in the face of reason to actively block attempts to make a safe space is reprehensible.


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From noisebridge on KALW

Around 5am, I scored a hacker stacker. There was a dog above me that wouldn&quo;t stop growling. The man sleeping above him was snoring. And by that time, Mark O’Neil was drunk and loud. There was no way I was getting to sleep.


"I think that my need to keep from sleeping on the street here and there might be a bigger deal than the in-limbo rules surrounding anything at NB […]"

Sleep Hacking


"I heard you were climbing up the wall outside the building to get into noisebridge. This is unexcellent. Please do not do it again."


Men cannot be feminists

I would really prefer if you don’t use the term feminist to describe men. Feminism is a movement for the liberation of women, for women, and by women. Men cannot be feminists, and it shouldn’t be encourage that the oppressor class hijack the movement of an oppressed class.